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Windows Recovery Environment

System backup & Restore Guide


Click here to find out how to Start the Recovery Environment (WinRE)

Note: Guide contains both Windows 7 and Vista images, click on images to enlarge


From the "Recovery Options" menu select "SYSTEM RESTORE"...


The "Restore files and settings" menu will appear, click "NEXT" to continue.


If you get the "No restore points" message (As pictured above) then you may not continue, return to main menu and try other options



Now from a selection of "Restore points" select one which you wish to restore too. Once happy with selection then click on "NEXT" to continue....


You are now given an option to restore other disks along with the operating system drive. If you have no problems with them then just restore the main drive.


Now you are asked to confirm the restore point. Click "FINISH" to continue, or "BACK" to select another drive or restore point.


You are now asked one final time to confirm that you wish to continue. Click "YES" to continue or "NO" to select another drive or restore point.


"System Restore" will now initialize...


System Restore will now restore files, this may take sometime so be patient....


System Restore will now Finalize the restore, this may take sometime so be patient....


Once done, it will tell you if it has been successful or not, if so click "RESTART" to restart the computer, if not then try a different date.


Once rebooted and you get to the desktop, you will get a confirmation of the restores success. Click "CLOSE" to continue.




  Return to Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) Menu



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